wood planking in the attic

On every construction site or major renovation project there are nooks and corners which you (have to) put in second place. Let’s face it – that’s totally normal you can’t fight all fronts at the same time. (actually, I think there are people out there who can – but for us it works better to reach one goal at a time). Our “renovation stepchild” is the attic – no doubt about this.
After we installed a new (construction) floor we left it like that and worked our way through towards other deadlines and milestones.

We are planning to put our bedrooms (we need a nursery as you might have noticed) and some small storagespace up there. So the first step was to cover the insulation material with wooden planks. And that’s what we* the boys did for the last couple of days.
* Tinka and I prepared the kitchen cabinets and assembled manymanymany drawers of our new Ikea kitchen.

Our gable walls are not perfectly even so first of all we installed the construction beams (for the nursery wall) and worked our way from there towards the walls. We used a level (good old bubble level) and a laser level (which can be tricky if you are working with 45 degree attic walls!) but the combination of both did it for us.
We decided on useing white-washed tongue and groove planks with a rather rough surface.
Those planks were mounted with small metal claws which you can put into the groove and we secured them with tiny screws. (you could also nail it with a air nailer but it worked better for us with the screws).
Throughout the week a lot of people gave us a hand with mounting the wood. (here you can see my brother, Martin, my mum and dad; but also Codo, George and Toby helped us during our nightshifts)
I really love the new look! Such a difference! Our (renovation)stepchild turned into a true (renovation)Cinderella.
Light and airy with a kind of scandinavian touch.
Next steps will be:

– installing the floor heating
– building the walls (nursery, our bedroom & storage)
– covering the bay around the windows with wood
– beauty corrections (mounting trims and borders)



We took a short break and a weekend off our renovation timeline to visit Anja and her family in Vorarlberg.
We’ve been there during Easter and we loved it. So when Anja invited us to come and celebrate with her the release of her beautiful self-published magazine SOI we didn’t hesitate and packed our bags!
The weather was perfect and so was the release party!
The location was an organic farm called Vetterhof. They’ve prepared a hay-barn cinema and disco and they served delicious soups made by Anjas partner-in-crime Ulli and her team of the Elfenküche in Dornbirn.
Congrats Anja and Ulli, you did a great job!
We had a great time at the Vetterhof and in Vorarlberg! Unfortunately we had to leave the next day.
Before that we did a little (baby)bump contest in front of a wooden shingled wall. (I think I won!)
I totally looking forward to come back! (and I think my boys do too!)
And you know what, we need to come back anyway … because we are planning to cover one wall of the nursery with those cute wooden “ruffle” shingles. Unfortunately, those where sold out at the moment. So we are going to collect a few square meters of them some time soon … as soon as we have a wall to cover. (maybe we should start with the essensials first before we buy the decoration!… story of my life..)

Thank you Vroni, Anja, Karl-Heinz and Nini for your heartwarming welcome. Everytime we visit it feels like coming home!


summer update

Here’s a little update what happend in the treehouse the last few weeks while I was taking my construction-site-sick-leave.

We got a sundeck!

Although I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to (the few times I trudged myself to the treehouse I was just lying in the shade on the floor hoping for better times)
I really love it! It’s huge and the timber turned out perfectly (thermo-hardened pine)! Also the cherry-tree-shrub idea worked out really good!
I’ll write a detailed post about the sundeck soon.
The boys (Martin, Codo, George and my brother Schorsch) did some hard night shifts to cover the ceiling with plywood.
I also really like the result. It looks much calmer but you can still see the wood grain. We used cottonwood in 8mm. (Maybe we’d go with the 1cm thick panels next time around. Just because they are more stable.)
For all of you wondering: We thought about putting some kind of reglet on the splices between the panels but we decided against it, because it looks light, easy and much cleaner like it is now.  Although we are covering the gap between wall and panels with some wooden reglets (it’s an old house after all and we got  m a s s i v e   gaps between the wall and the plywood panels!)
Concrete floor in the making. With the rough finish after the first application and beneath the smooth semigloss finish.

We got this beautiful concrete floor – Beton cire.
I tried to snap some photos while they worked on it but I was in my weakest condition and couldn’t report on it as much as I wanted to. Anyway we got the floor from the fantastic Arrea Design company and it turned out beautiful!
I also gonna cover all details about it in a post. (as soon as we uncovered the floor again – for now we try to protect it with some construction fleece.)


Last weekend Codo and I tiled the toilet and the storageroom. We used some granite tiles we found on Martins grandpa’s attic. We won’t win a design price for this but it is a hard-wearing floor with the most rewarding pattern for a cubby!fliese1

It was my first time tiling. I was pretty exited and it was fun (thanks to Codo!)
I liked it but let’s put it that way: Tiling won’t be my new favorit hobby…

Today I grouted the two rooms with my girl Kari, which was nice too. But I’m glad the two rooms are finished (floorwise) and finally we can leave the big garden toilet for a proper one in the house. (comes in handy if you are pregnant and need to pee every hour or less…)
Ok. So now you are updated (also on my toilet schedule – sorry for that!) and I hope I can show you some updates on our bathroom next week!