winter is back here in Austria.

while its freezing cold and snowing outside I dream about the spring and cute little wild bees living in tiny houses (3) I’m going to install for them…take a closer look:


every now and then I’m going to present some home decor and interiors on a tree for 2.

I start today with an online shop from the netherlands called: I/OBJECT. I found this by chance and want to share it with you because I think they have a really great selection of beautiful modern products. See my “lieblinge” of the store above.

1/bouché lamp    2/sandqvist backpack    3/tiny tiny bee houses for wild bees



Last weekend was great! It was beautiful and sunny and the first weekend you could consider as spring here in Austria. We had some helping hands came over to empty the basement (finally!) and we began with the deconstruction of the handrails and balcony.

There was still some pretty cool old stuff left in the basement:


Of course I kept the “Universal Werkstatt Gebrauchsanleitung” (universal workshop manual) … maybe this will come in handy in a few weeks when the rough work starts.


the (tree)house

the house we are going to renovate is really special. I know that house since I’m a little girl and I allways loved it. I never saw someone living there but I thought it’s the coolest place on earth (obiously at this young age I haven’t been to really cool places like Brooklyn NY, Rio de Janiero or Melbourne, Australia!).

What makes it so special and outstanding compared to all the other houses I know is the fact that there is a huge tree standing right next to it (I mean REALLY right next to it … maybe 10cm away). The former owner didn’t cut the tree when they decided to built another storey on top. Instead they left some space in the roof so that the tree could still be a part of the house.


What a groundbreaking idea for ca. 1950!

A few years ago it was for sale and my family bought it and now we’re spending some time and money on it to let it shine like new. Keep my fingers crossed we will succeed!