ok, ok,
this post has nothing to do with home improvement, an uber cool webshop or renovation but as I am a big dog adorer I thought maybe one or two of you would also love to see this.

Its the website of FOUR&SONS.

Made by a super talented spainish girl living in Australia. It’s all about our beloved hairy four leged companions and I really enjoy reading it.
For all you lucky folks in Australia there is also a beautiful magazine of four&sons you can collect it for free at some stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane! (see the four&sons website for details)

(I stumbled across four & sons at the wonderful design files blog. thanks Lucy for sharing!)


fashion improvement

I designed some T-shirts for all the “crew members” (=helping hands who are spending their leisure time and weekends in our treehouse). I’m sure there are going to be a lot more shirts to come… as there are a lot more people I’m going to ask for a little help I’m afraid…

so be prepared all you friends out there and be ready for some weekend actions.


each shirt is designed individually for each of the boys, with their name on it and “a tree for 2 CREW” logo on the sleeve. I’ll snap a photo or two while they are wearing my workwear on one of our next working-weekends, I promise!




here we go with another lieblinge-post.

I love the “make hard things soft” approach of the swedish onlineshop HOW ARE YOU. Take a look at their cosy concrete pillows. my favorite ones are of course the ones with woodprints.

Cannot wait to lay my head on a cosy plywood pillow while resting on my poet sofa in our little treehouse….(a girl can dream, right!?)