time flies

ok. For all of you out there who haven’t noticed…
I’m officially in love with these time laps series of mine! hope you enjoy it as much as I do… but I think its the best way to show the tremendous changes happening in just one day.
no way back! omg!


I cannot belive how fast the weeks and days went by..
two weeks ago we managed to finally untile the roof and get the truss demolished.
I trail a little behind in terms of posting the photos on time but here we go with part one of the roof-pictures:
Karli and Hansi gave us a hand in the morning.
Ray discovered our secret roof-garden…
Karl and Schorsch high above ground…
M♥! totally mad about this guy and his two giant helping hands!
Love this epic picture of Schorsch!

… but this one of Ray is even more dramatic! (everything looks more striking with a chainsaw in hands!)

Stay tuned for part II!


meet the crew

there are 2 new crew members which I’d like to introduce to you:

First there is Karli. He’s a real daredevil. He climbed up the old truss and balanced with the cordless screwdriver on top of the roof like a circus performer. I couldn’t even look at this. Together with my brother he had all the “tightrope-work” done as fast as I could say: atreefor2!
Thanks Karli for the balls and the fancy footwork to climb up there!

And in the Afternoon George – aka Jantschy – came and gave us a helping hand. Martin knows him since Kindergarden and we call him “the professor” because he is!
His major is physics and maths which comes in handy because he knows a lot about construction and statics (even if its just in theroy… no… just kiddin’ jantschy!) I really appreciated the help of him. He was a trooper! Thanks for the help professor!