the truss

YEAH! guess what!? we have a truss and thats just the beginning:

Today the brick layers closing the two gables, tomorrow the first window is going to be installed.
The one behind the tree – It’s huge – therefore we need to built it in before we raise the first interior walls.
Unfortunately I was wrong with the size of the window… oh boy! so we (speaking of WE I mean Martin) removed 3 centimeters of concrete!
Our dear friend Ben (hey mate!) told Martin a common phrase… “In Australia we say: Measure twice, cut once!”
So true!… anyway… thank god, the concrete was chisled away in half an hour!
measure twice picture from ficusamongus.
After that we finished our day with a cold dink under our new truss… while Ray, Schorsch and his girlfriend Rommy dropped by and we had a little topping out party and enjoyed the last rays of sun.
the beautiful measure twice sign is by the very talented Mr. Parsons, check out his work here.


dog days of summer

It’s officially summer over here (sunday will be the hottest day with 39°C thats over 102°F!) and while we are having “the dog-days of summer” (Hundstage) as we call it here in Austria I’m still browsing through the photos of last weekend.

Until I have them ready for you I’ll share a small video I did a few days ago….
speaking of dog days… Gustav loves the weather and the wheatfields:

Gustav in the field

footnote: next time I’ll do a proper wide-screen video but I forgot about it while I was filming ’cause I was laughing so much! Sorry for the bad quality and the vertical video! Next time Gustav and I will do much better!



care package

last weekend was a good one: a sunny summer weekend over here in Austria. So we did what was most obvious on a sunny and hot day: sweating, transpiring, perspirating and we transuded! while we did so we also managed to get rid of the wooden floor and the sand underneath. while we were working and sweating like pigs some of my friends dropped by with some much needed energy food and drinks!

Thanks Uli and Luci for the delicious “Marillenkuchen” (apricot cake) and your adventurous performance climbing up those two ladders! Especially Lucia, you are a true daredevil! And Uli: the boys loved your site-seeing outfit!

After those two left my good friend Claudia showed up and supplied us with some cold wine and water (spritz wine) which we enjoyed in proper site-style (out of some plastic cups). When Claudia left the boys said: Oh, there should be more girls in this world just dropping by with wine and water! so true!
Thank you Claudia, Uli and Luci!