vintage lieblinge

I’m still on “staycation” here at my parents house. Saving my engergy for tomorrow: we have a major-working day scheduled, unfortunately with a not-so-major-crew regarding the number of helpers… but I’m optimistic that we reach our set goal for the day.

I wanted to show you a little treasure I found a few years ago in the treehouse:
a whole bunch (20 or more?) of beautiful interior magazines from the 50ies / 60ies and early 70ies. (I imagine the former owners of the treehouse as people with advanced gardening skills (thats what the neighbours told me), visionary minds (that’s what the tree-roof/house-architecture tells me) and an addiction to interior magazines (thats what I can tell from the number of magazines I found and the mint condition!)


vacation liebling

Hi there! Sorry for my lack of posts lately.
I took a few days off from work (and I caught a summer flu… which is the perfect combination!… NOT) but anyway. I feel a lot better today and I’m going to organize some of the trillion things waiting on my to-do list the next couple of days!

The thing on top of the list that I’m most concerned about:
There is some trouble with the roofer (can not belive that this is a proper english word for the guy that tiles my roof!? is it?) We are waiting for the detailed blueprints of the roof so that I can give them the final nod for the construction. And they will hopefully start next week so that the roof is sealed and waterproof BEFORE they are on company-vacation in august!

But while I was dealing with my summer flu and waiting for those layouts I relaxed under the porch at my parents home with one of my favorite iPad magazines:
GREEN MAGAZINE from is a beautiful aussie magazine and it makes my day every second month when I download and read a new issue!


The magazine comes not only with a beautiful and modern layout but it’s also fun to read with well researched articles and stuffed with amazing photos of even more amazing homes! I’m also a fan of the sustainable focus in this magazine. And my bi-monthly crush are the boys of the little veggie patch. (I love everything about them: their approach, their design, their gardening skills, their accent,…)
And the best thing about the magazine is that its really afordable: less than 4 euros for a super-magazine is more than a girl can ask for! right?
If one of you lucky ones live in Australia take a look at the printversion! (I’m sure even the paper is high-quality(recycling)!)


rock bottom

Here we go with the exterior shots!

I can’t believe what we did to this tiny cute house! I have to remind myself everytime I look at the photos that the roof, windows and the little extention in the front NEEDED to go because they’ve been in a really really poor condition. And the room layout was also pretty lame so that’s why all the walls inside had to go as well!

I hope the before and after pictures in september will look a little better ..