off we go!

and good bye!

we are off to a short break in Barcelona! Ha! looking forward to that! (we’ve been invited to a wedding in spain – how cool is that!?)
Luckily we booked the flight sometime in november last year, when the renovation was some wishful thinking of the future. But standing now in the middle of a (more or less chaotic) site I’m afraid we wouldn’t go if it was for now.
But we got the tickets early anyway so at this point I’m glad to have a little break and pretend to be someone without dusty hair and dirty fingernails!
hasta pronto amigos!


off the wall

Last weekend we tried ourselfs on brick laying. As we are all newbies to this field (I think I watched a million video tutorials the week before) we decided to go with ACC blocks (Ytong) instead of normal red-bricks; as Ytong is easier to work with (you can cut it by hand using a special saw, and we “glued” it together with tile adhesive). But as I mentioned before I TOTALLY underestimated the time it takes to built the walls! (I thought its more like playing with Lego… yes, I know sometimes I tend think a little too positive naive!)
We started with the expertise of captain Codo who gave us a litte crash-course in “how to built a ACC wall”.

It was a little tricky, because we built two walls and wanted to mesh these two together. I think the hardest part was to measure everything carefully and make some final decisions about where to go with doors and walls and stuff like this.
Anja was superfast – one can tell that her grandpa was a bricklayer she really got it in her DNA. 
The professor helped us and one more time he was such a trooper! After midday he was in charge and our teamleader and I think he liked it because he did a awesome job! Thanks Jantschy!
Martin measuring and cutting the blocks…
…and always bringing in some new blocks.
some more photos still to come…


time flies


I must admit I totally underestimated the time it takes to build two walls! we started a little late (we went all to the same party the other night!) at 9:30 in the morning and worked our way through the day and wall rising until 23:40! we’ve never ever been that long in the treehouse (for working purpose!).
more photos still to come but this is my beloved timelaps series!