new windows – part 2

Speaking of new windows…
Here is a detailed post about our new and beautiful balcony door which folds to each side and opens the room almost completely to the (future)balcony.

When it comes to balcony/garden doors you can basically choose between folding doors and tilt/slide doors. We chose the folding option because it opens the room completely. (AND the true reason: I fell in love with this system ever since I saw it the first time at the amazingly beautiful apartment of my friend Eva in Salzburg! Hi Eva, Hi Jacob! … yeah, I’m not afraid of being a copycat here! These door-opening system is just to good not to have it yourself!)
The door is like all the windows from the company KATZBECK. A family business from Austria. They did great work and the price was not to bad either. The only bitter pill: the windows where no longer available in a withe-wash-kind-of-colour we’d wanted to have – but we chose the natural look instead!
And thats how it can open to the full 3,5 meter width:
please ignore our “site interior” the fancy cable bundle tower on the right and the stuff on the left will probably hopefully be gone in a few weeks…or month… 


new windows

I think it was my personal christmas… coming to the site after a hard day at work and see these beautiful skylight windows already installed!
We chose wooden windows (outside surface is aluminium). They are made by VELUX and called Cabrio (wich means convertible in German) because you can convert them into a tiny balcony within seconds! And they are huge (almost 3m height) but worth every penny it’s such a tremendous change with all the light filling the room – compared to the big but dark attic it was before!
The attic still looks pretty rough but with all the light you can imagine a really beautiful room waiting under the surface of all this chaos!