atomic sky

Last weekend we did it all…
work hard and party hard… actually, it was the other way round (which is the way to go for the most advanced workers amongst y’all! because chiseling with a major headache is not the best option you have on a sunday afternoon!) But Martin is a hard working man and he had all the plaster in our extension down in 1 hour!
While I made a extraloooong todo list… we did pretty good (for a hang-over-sunday) and at the end of the day we could cross 3 things off the list (first one was of course: writing a to-do-list… check!)
Friday evening a rain and sunset situation happend and I couldn’t help but take this super-tacky photo… even the mud looks beautiful!

For tomorrow we have scheduled another tough working day: we’re trying to built some wooden walls in our extension and get rid of all the old paint in the house.
Looking forward to work with some good company! (Ray, Jantschy, Branson and Martin: see you at the site tomorrow!)


time flies

Ladies and Gentleman, it’s about time for another beloved time flies post!
Take a look at this!
Roughly one year after I took the first photo… and eight month after we “really” started with the renovation… a lot has changed! don’t you think!?
to all my wonderful crew members! all this wouldn’t be possible without you!
(I know I sound like a broken record … but it’s so true… many hands make light work)


sight seeing

Look at this! We got a new housefront attached to our extension!
It’s made of natural larch wood. During the next years/month it will get darker and more greyish.
Anja visited us (for the grape harvest last weekend) so we soaked up the last sunbeams and did a little sight-seeing-tour at the treehouse.
(Anja is a total pro when it comes to interior design! I love her style and I hope she will be our personal consultant during planning and furnishing!)