condensation problems

It’s official Winter here in Austria.
The light is soft and blueish, the sun sets early and its freezing cold outside. Not the perfect conditions for a sun-lover like I am. And not the perfect conditions for a new floor screed with a good working under-floor heating system either!
The problem is the condensation. We have a humidity of nealy 80 percent indoors… which makes not only the windows sweat … but also the walls almost dripping wet.
While the floor screed is drying its emitting water into the air. That condensates on the walls and windows. So what we did the last couple of days was to open the windows and doors for a couple of hours (the cold air outside is really dry) to change the air in the rooms. But that was just not enough, so Codo lend us a dehumidifier. It’s better. but still a mess… I think we will need a bigger one…
footnote: We’ve already got a bigger one and it works perfect I guess in a few days the problem will be solved! horray!



Hey, I just wanted to give you a quick tour around the  N E W
We’ve decided to go with a much sleeker and cleaner look. And the most obvious change is that the photos are now much broader and larger.
I think one of the core strengths atreefor2 has, and the reason it is so well patronized by all of you guys is not my way of writing in a fancy broken english – SURPRIZE! – but all the photos of our house, the renovation and our beautiful crew!
We’ve also inserted a little menu in the upper header of the site.
If you click on it you can choose between the different categories. As well as an about and contact section.

Hope you like it!


floor screed

I took one day off to stay home and prepare everything for the floor screed. Watch this:
The guys from our floor screed contractor worked super efficient and self-sufficient. They didn’t need water supply or electricity. My Dad and I stayed and watched every step they did, because we are both of the snoopy type.
We left the site and about half an hour later everything was filled with our new floor screed. The next day we returned to have a look. (YES! indeed, it just needed one day to dry at least as much to step on it)  And we were stunned! Such a big difference!