getting rid of our plastered facade – part I

Our next big goal is a new energy efficient facade. (any color suggestions for the finish!?)
There is not much left of our old facade, at some places it is pretty loose and easy to remove but unfortunately we had to get rid of the parts which stuck really hard to the brick as well. We need to remove every little piece of it to make sure our facade contractor get a (more or less) clean brick facade. On top of the bricks they will stick a insulation facade without a diffusion barrier (because living in an old house could mean dealing with damp walls if you wrap your house in a styrofoam facade so we want to be on the save side with this)
The day was pretty cloudy and by the time we started it also started to dizzle.. Martin said that that’s good because there will be less dust. If he’d only knew…
I began to help the boys with my tool of choice: a normal hammer… Martin, Schorsch and Ray worked with slightly efficient tools (airhamers and an electric jackhamer)
But at the time the fun began my cousin Robert showed up and I helped him working on the electric installations inside.

We Robert turned this cable mess into a proper looking and probably even better working organized electrical distribution box!
And by the time I looked out of the window the rain set in so heavy we decided to stop for the day with our goal half done.
The boys where breaded with dust and plaster anyway. I felt really bad to left them out in the rain while I worked inside… but I think they didn’t blame me.


at the trade fair (again)

Ray and I went to the “wohnen and interieur”trade show  in Vienna (living and interior; not to be confused with the Bauen&Energie fair we went to a few weeks ago). We thought we’d be ready for some interior inspiration, Ray was on the search of ideas for his bathroom, kitchen & living room reno he’s planning (I guess our treehouse-renovation-project is somehow contagious, a lot of our helpers considering a renovation or a change of their housing situation in general… at least we can help them in return for their loyalty with some blood, sweat and tears).
love those honeycomb tiles!
wooden tiles!? awesome idea. but I wonder how functional they are in real life!?
Oh, I wished they would sell those plexi-dishwashers for real!
My favorite exhibition hall was the one with national and international interior designers. We saw ridiculously big showers like the one above… (I guess you can take a shower there with your 10 best friends at a time!)  and I got lost between fair stands of Scandinavian Design classics.
I fell in love with the Arne Jacobsen ABC cups at the scandinavian design house stand.wohneninterior13
Spotted a Hans J. Wegener wishbone chair ♥
Had to take a picture of this wall made of reclaimed wood. A similar wall will be one of our next projects in the upcoming weeks month! Looking forward to that and hope it will turn out just as good as this one!


We stayed for a few hours at the fair and at the end we scored a o’clock beer at an exhibition booth. We drank it strolling around towards the exit, discussing what we saw and what was interessting and suitable for our homes.
Walking through the kitchen-section we were wondering how those super-ueber-modern kitchens will look if “real persons” use them!? Although I like the style (displayed in a furniture shop) the treehouse kitchen will be a little less futuristic I guess know.
Thank you Ray for the company!


the treehouse 1965

I had to change my blog-post-schedule (ha! yes, unless you haven’t noticed I try to post every tuesday and thursday…more or less!)
A few days ago my neighbor Herbert gave me this old photograph of his house and our house. It was taken by his father-in-law 1965! I was searching for old photos of the treehouse for such a long time and at the point I almost forgot about this (there are 1 or 3 million other items on my to-do-list I struggle with at the moment!) my neighbor came like heaven send!
footnote: I try to get the negative from him to scan it in higher resolution but for now here’s the print he gave me!

Look at the tree! HUGE! even though it was just 1965! such a beauty… ♥
Ok, enough tree-hugger love letters!
wish you all a great weekend! see you on tuesday!