kitchen backsplash – the prequel

Our dear Instagram followers already know about our plans regarding the kitchen back spalsh (or splashback…!? always confused which one is right!?)… we are trying to built one out of beautiful old windows!
(we won’t have wall units in the kitchen so we can use the whole wall from the counter to the ceiling!)
There’s a(nother) small house which belongs to Martin – but unfortunately it’s in a really bad condition and we have to knock it down. The good news is, that we are going to recycle a lot of the materials from this house in the renovation of the treehouse. This does not only make sense in a ecological way but will also save us some expenses.
The windows where originally installed in some sort of hall/conservatory which you’ll find in a lot of the old houses around here.
I thought it might be really hard to demount them without breaking the window panes or the frame. But it was pretty easy thanks to a very simple construction. They where basically just mounted with small ledges. We removed those and could easily lift them out of the frames (with 3 people and a hammer).
Keep my fingers crossed that they will fit in the treehouse-kitchen! … let’s see.


Next to the house is a beautiful garage, where I found time to pretend driving my favorite tractor! Cute 1950ies beauty in red!



thrift shopping

Last weekend I had half a day off from the site which was great because I found the time to pursue a hobby I had disregarded for a long time:
Thrift shopping!
I love vintage furniture, light shades, beautiful old tableware, cloth, patterns, colors,…
I’m a true admirer of stuff that was created or build or designed before I was born! someones trash is my treasure!
There are a few places outside of Vienna where you can find a lot of beautiful and unique stuff and one of my favorite ones is this one. It’s a little messy, but everything is in a good condition and the prices are reasonable.
The pastel dishes are called “Daisy” by Lilien Porzellan. Its a true Austrian design classic from the 50ies / 60ies.

I fell in love with this cute sidetable. What do you think? take it or leave it!? (Its not a bargain but the price is ok… but I was not sure so I left it there..!?)


thermal insulation – the roof – part III

Ok. so you’ve already seen our insulation bootcamp instuction afternoon and the following days when we catched up with the other side of the roof and prepared everything for the tricky part… finishing the peak.
We had miss ladybird on the site for two days in a row who gave us a hand! (thank you  my girl!)
I dabbled with the (electric)chainsaw! (thanks Ray for lending it to us! … as soon as we’ve bought a new chain you’ll get it back!) in the meantime miss ladybird was vacuming like a pro with the indusrial vacum cleaner!
I had to leave Martin and miss ladybird for about an hour and when I returned they surprised me with all panels mounted and this little romantic DIY ♥:
so cute! thank both of you! ♥
Here is how we filled the peak with the loose material the next day:

Blew the material in (sorry I have no photos of this step because I was in charge of refilling our little pellet-pool and I had to work really fast!)
last but not least:
enjoy the view with a cool or warm head (depending on the season) and carry off the bays of your hard work!
You can’t tell a difference from outside but: it’s the things you don’t see that really count! (like everything in life!)