photo shoot outtakes

This post is a little off topic but as I told you we had a cute little photoshoot with our dear friend Anja the other day (Yes, I have to make advantage of Anjas skills everytime she’s helping us at the treehouse site.. not only her amazing bricklaying skills (also: here & here) but also her number one talent: Photography)
I don’t want to hold those outtakes back… they are just too hilarious not to share! Please enjoy Martin & Katharina at our best! Thank you Anja for your commitment and the beautiful outcome!
footnote: you can see some “normal” photos we took that day here and here.


facelift – the new exterior

Martin and I were completely bowled over by the difference one day can make! The company who fixes our new facade works super-fast and super-neat and after just one working day you can see a significant difference because the largest wall was almost covered with the insulation panels.
Although I must admit I’m going to miss the beautiful brick we worked on the last couple of weeks I’m totally looking forward to less energy costs in our insulated home.
On the left a close up of the “open” styrofoam panels. (this is going to be plastered again and painted)
I’ll write a detailed post about all the facts of our new facade next week.


pretty busy at the site

It was last sunday. A beautiful spring day.
We had several small things on our to-do list and asked Schorsch and Anja for their help.
We started a little later (it was sunday after all!)
But all of the sudden there where so many people helping at the site. It was amazing! Although, I was a little stressed overwhelmed by putting all the helpers on work detail.
Anja surprised me with bringing her parents with her. (they are such sweet and heartwarming persons but also hard workers!) They even came with matching t-shirt (especially designed for the treehouse-site) and overalls, and brought us a bag full of beautiful timber shigles. (Those are typical for the part of Austria they live in; footnote: Martin, Gustav and I are going to visit them around Easter and I cannot wait to see them again!!!)
So it was Martin and I, Schorsch and his girlfriend Tinka (aka Tinkerbelle; because she loves to tinker and is a beauty), Hansi, my parents, Anja with her parents, Sgt. Codo and miss ladybird… there have been 12 people all waiting for someone me to give them work to do!
Schorsch was in charge of cleaning the bricks, while Martin glued some threaded rods in the wall for future additions we are planing.

The surprize – crew worked on the beautiful old wooden planks and removed all the nails. Thank you!
I made a small cleaner-course with Anja and I think she enjoyed it!
After we cleaned, mounted and prepared everything in and around the house for the new facade, we’ve been really motivated so we gave the front yard an overhaul too!
We discovered some nice bricks underneath all the dust and soil and the girls relaxed in new and cleaned “tree-seats”.
Thanks to our gardner-crew miss ladybird, Tinka and Hansi the basement and the front yard looks almost like new! You guys rock!

PS: at the end of the day Anja did some amazing new portrait shots of us (she’s a super talented photographer) I’ll share with you in a few days!