new heavenly stairway

Ahoy, everyone.
I share a quick review of our new exterior. Show you the “how-we-did-it /whole-story” pictures in the next post.
until then here’s the short version:

what do you think?
I really like the raw look of it and i think it looks amazing with all the wood… but maybe its just me sitting on my pink cloud of love-my-stairs-rapture! (it makes so much more fun to climb up the stairs instead of the ladder)


wood preservation

Before I share with you the story of our new stairs. I’ll show you what the girls did last weekend….

Because our constructor called and asked if we wanted to preserve the wood with a varnish before they begin with the construction of the sun deck. Well, what a good idea – so we screwed our plans for the weekends, I called Anja, miss ladybird and my mum and asked for help and all three of them didn’t hesitated for a single moment!
We met at one of the halls from our constructor where our timber was stored. I didn’t recognize it by then but that is a serious amount of wood! (the balcony is going to be huge! I can tell y’all!)
First we brushed off the sawdust and then we started to varnish the timber. We had two teams. Team paintbrush (Anja and my mum) and Team paint roller (miss ladybird and I). We painted every beam 2 times on 3 sides and turned them over (aka roll them) so we could paint the last side as well.
The result is a slightly “honey-toned” finish which will (hopefully) last for a few years. comes rain. comes shine.
It took us the whole day to get everything done and add 2 layers of preservation on every piece of timber. Thank you so much Anja, miss ladybird and Mum for helping us!


installing the stairs – the prequel – second part

The weekend after we’d finished our preparations for the stairs we jumped right back into construction site work to build the two foundations with concrete. At the moment the level of the garden lies below the final one, so we needed to work with hollow bricks (you could also work with a cast and fill it with concrete but we thought it would be easier to work with those prefab bricks.)
It was a beautiful and sunny day and my brother Schorsch and his girlfriend Tinka gave us a hand mixing the concrete. Luckily, we had a huge concrete mixer on the construction site. It holds about 5 or 6 wheelbarrows of concrete, so it was done pretty fast (“fast” in renovation-language means under 5 hours!).
stiege019 stiege017stiege022stiege015stiege014stiege013
I’m glad Martin is in charge when it comes to all the neat and precise things… I’m just a little to sloppy (and with no patience) about things like that!

If the weather is good we’ll be mounting the stairs next weekend. Keep my fingers crossed it’s going to be a great weekend!