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The house is located in Austria, in a wine region on the countryside near Vienna. It’s hard to tell how old it is… we guess around 80 to 100 years. It was a former vintners house where they pressed and prepared the grapes and made wine. Years later (in the 50ies) a viennese family bought the house as a summer retreat. They built another story on top and instead of logging the huge Linden tree right next to the house they decided to built the roof around the tree. What a beautiful and innovative idea! (but over the years the tree grew bigger and bigger and burst the roof.)
We bought the house back in 2007 fully funished but in need of a renovation. It seemed like the owners had left in the 70ies (calender from 1973 was still up) and didn’t return. It was a timecapsule with a lot of beautiful vintage furniture (we saved a lot of it and we’ll be putting it back in once everything is finished).
I took some photos with my beloved Mamiya RB in 2007 to capsule the house before we started to empty it. (See more of the photos I did that day in this post):

Anyway, it took us another 6 years to decide we want to revive it and make it our home.
In 2013 Martin and I (and a whole lot of our friends and family) started with a massive renovation:

The old extension was in a very bad condition so we had to remove it as well as the roof (also to free the tree!). So far we opened some walls for bigger windows, renewed all the electicity installations and installed a heating system.
A lot of big and small steps towards a cosy home still to come…



The house is a small 1 story home.(60 m2 / 645 sf ground plan area per floor) We kept the floor divisions more or less like the former owners did.
We use one part of the ground floor for installations (technic center) and the other one as a “garden room” where we throw cosy Christmas parties.
Our first floor is the main living floor, we removed all interior walls and built some new ones. On this mainfloor there’s the openplan kitchen and livingroom, the “treeroom” with an incredible window, a bathroom and in our extension we got a tiny hall, a toilet and a small cubby room.
The attic will be our bedroom and storage place.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the house or just say Hello & Servus: hello | at | atreefor2.com
If you want to read about us click here.
Katharina & Martin

8 thoughts on “About the house

  1. Hi Katharina and Martin,
    Your blog is featured in the April edition of Australian InsideOut magazine, that’s how I stumbled upon your reno project documented on-line! I’m an Upper Austrian who moved to Brisbane in 1999 but thanks to my job more like a citizen of the world who always cherishes coming back home to Austria to catch up with loved ones. Wishing you all the very best for your project with a deep admiration for your endeavours to preserve the old whilst injecting some new and putting life back into this house and around the tree(s). I’ve marked your blog to check-in on your next renovation adventures! All the best, Karin

    • Servus Karin,
      Oh, thank you so much for following our blog and for your encouraging and kind words that means a lot to us! Willkommen daheim! 😉
      Yes, I know we are so flattered that we are featured in this great magazine (as small Austrian Reno-“Wuerschtln”)!
      We love Australia (my cousin lives there, I’ve been there 3 times and we are planning to go there again next february!) it is an amazing country! Brisbane area is great (I love the climate up there!!!) I guess we are Aussies by heart!
      Liebe Karin, keep in touch! Danke! Ganz liebe Grüße und ein Bussal aus Österreich, schicken Kathi&Martin

  2. Hello Katharina,
    Just found your blog via BYW and am in love with your little house. I am from the U.S (New Orleans) but we moved to Germany (Bavaria) a year ago. The construction here is completely different than back home so I have new appreciation for the work you are doing. We are in a rental house but have an amazing landlord who has allowed me to add plenty of my own personality to the house. Anyway just wanted to let you know you have a new reader!

    • Hi Maggie,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! Love to be in class with you! (maybe we can sit next to eachother!;))
      Hope you like it in Bavaria, but it sounds like you have a great time (in a great house, your blog is amazing!). If you’ll ever visit Austria let me know, I’ll give you a tour around the treehouse! Keep in touch! see you in class.

  3. Hello Katherina,
    Another BYW student here based in the UK. Your blog is just gorgeous and will happily follow you on your amazing adventure to restore this stunning and special home. I love your photos, they tell a beautiful story. Best wishes, Charlotte

    • Hi Charlotte, thank you so much for your heartwarming comment and welcome to our little house! Love to hear from you every now and then so just follow us on our renovation adventure! keep in touch!
      xo, Katharina

  4. Such a gorgeous house and blog! Came by via BYW homework and will definitely be following along on your adventure! xo

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