(almost) bright white walls

We had some professionals over at the treehouse who rendered the walls first roughly and in several steps they’ve spackled, sanded, plastered and grouted the walls. And they did an incredible job!
After our ACC block experience we thought it might be best to do some outsourcing of works we suck at (to people who do things like that for a living, in no time and amazing quality…)
And I think it paid off.
innen_011 innen_012
Do you remember? That’s what the walls looked like a few weeks ago.
(I’m sorry the photos are all from different angles but I think you get the idea!)
The bathroom is just done a few centimeters from the top down, because we are going to tile the walls anyway at the bottom.
The only wall that we kept like it was with all the different layers of paint.

4 thoughts on “(almost) bright white walls

    • Thank you! Yes, we are thinking of keeping the ceiling as it is… and go for a concrete floor instead of a wooden one!? (the house is pretty small and I’m afraid that you get the impression of a Finnish sweatbath – with floor and ceiling in natural wood look).. ohboy, still so many decisions to make!

    • Thanks Michelle for dropping by! Love your blog and the 2014-word thing you are doing! that is a great idea! keep in touch!

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