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As you all might noticed in the last post. The walls in our main living floor are rendered and white and you can get the idea of having a beautiful livingroom and kitchen area in there!

So every once in a while I find myself thinking dreaming of something called: INTERIOR DESIGN!
yeah! I guess we left the all-dusty-hair-stage behind .(NOT! … but I girl can dream, right!?)

Lately, I’m thinking a lot how the rooms are going to look and I’m constantly working on moodboards for the rooms. I’m going to share some of my moodboards with y’all during the next few weeks.
Today it’s time for the moodboard of our (future) bathroom.

We ordered beautiful cement tiles (a dream came true!) in a graphic pattern (3). I love the wide range and intensity of colors you can get with the different patterns of those beautiful tiles but I was afraid of putting to much color in this tiny room… so we decided to go for a calm color scheme (white, grey & black) but with the twist of a vivid graphic pattern.

With the house (which came fully furnished) we bought this beautiful old washing table (1), all marble and iron. (I’m going to tell you what we are going to do with it in another detailed post!)
And for the walls we chose beveled subway tiles in white (2) – I know – pretty lame/not really groundbreaking classic – but I wanted them for so long! They are so hard to get in Austria (it seems that all of the people in this country are searching for tiles the bigger the better… and I was the only one wanting these classic subway tiles!) Therefore I’m really glad we found them at a reasonable price – the first quotations have been around 100$ per square meter! (now we found them for less than 20$/sqm!)

what do you think?

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