busy busy busy

What a day!
Yesterday was really busy…there’ve been so many people, trucks, loaders on site it made me feel giddy standing in the middle of this busy beehive of helpers.
(It was like a scene from fragle rock … with all the cute, little Doozers working around me!… Yes, I’m a child of the 80ies!)
But we achieved so many things and little goals! Take a look at the day in pictures:
In the morning all the windows were delivered but until we just installed the big one, the others had to be stored away on a save place until september when we are going to mount the other ones as well. Thanks to my dad we are pretty good equipped, so my brother Schorsch (who is a talented fork-lift-operator) saved them in an old barn.
After that we drove back to the treehouse, where 6(!) man lifted the big window behind the tree to its final assembly destination. (Its so heavy because of its thermally insulated, double glazed windowpanes) While the roofers covered the truss with planks the window-guys installed the window.
I’m still not sure if the sash bars are to narrow? What do you think?
But I’m sure about the wood! I love the color of the one we’ve chosen.
In the evening Martin and I covered the window with a plastic tarp to protect the sensitive wooden surface from all the dust still to come on this renovation site.
Thats what the attic looks like at the moment. Its huge and I love it (will be our future bedroom)
In the evening my aunt and uncle visited us for a small site-tour.
At the end of the day I was glad so many things happend in just a few hours.
And after everybody left.. It already looked like a small house hiding behind a ruin. can you see it?

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