BlogF and McGyver

Hello, guess what! We’ve been interviewed by the lovely ladies of BlogF (a german-speaking-blog-feed-plattform for female bloggers).
Read through my answers and the article at BlogF.

By the way I love the title of the interview: “if McGyver wants to built a treehouse…”
I’m a true McGyver fan so I’m totally flattered! Thank you Sylvia and Marlies was a pleasure working with you!
(It’s in german; sorry for all my english-speaking-readers.)



I’m kind of obsessed with upholstered funiture these days. Martin and I want a new sofa for our future livingroom and although I’m deeply in love with the FAVN or the poet sofa I’m afraid we’ll have to look for something little less pricy.
Don’t get me wrong (Martin thinks I’m nuts) but I’m a strong beliver that good design and perfect quality are worth every Cent! – It’s just that we don’t have that much more to spend after our huge renovation! Unfortunately, pretty unsexy things like plumbing are way more expensive than a classic design sofa – just not that cosy and soft!… sad but true!

Anyway while strolling last week through IKEA with my mum. I saw the beautiful Strandmon chair. It’s a remake of (almost) the same chair IKEA released in 1951.

And there’s also a sofa available in the same design. Not sure about it yet but we keep it in mind!
photo of the sofa by petite apartment. other photos by IKEA


dog days of summer

It’s officially summer over here (sunday will be the hottest day with 39°C thats over 102°F!) and while we are having “the dog-days of summer” (Hundstage) as we call it here in Austria I’m still browsing through the photos of last weekend.

Until I have them ready for you I’ll share a small video I did a few days ago….
speaking of dog days… Gustav loves the weather and the wheatfields:

Gustav in the field

footnote: next time I’ll do a proper wide-screen video but I forgot about it while I was filming ’cause I was laughing so much! Sorry for the bad quality and the vertical video! Next time Gustav and I will do much better!