meet the crew


so here is a short meet & greet with “the crew”.
Without these boys I would be pretty lost. thank you for all your blood (mr. codo), sweat and tears.
let me introduce to you: Martin, George, Branson, Ray, Codo and Hansi.


Martin is my partner in crime and the best boyfriend I could imagine – in life and for a project like this. He is a calm, strong, multi-skilled craftsman and can drive almost every vehicle (which comes in handy in case of a renovation like this). Honey, I can’t wait to pack my bags and move in with you.

schorschMy brother Schorsch (George) a trooper! Most of the time is in very good mood on the site and keeps us all happy with his excellent sense of humor.
He supports me in every way since we where little… the crazier the idea the better. I’m proud that we are siblings!

bransonMister Branson is the DJ of my heart! He supports us not only with his leisure time and bare hands but also with a whole lot of good music! He got a great taste in music. He’s one of a kind and got a really modern, creative and conscious mind.

rayRay is an absolute dear. He’s loyal and always on our side whenever we need a helping hand. Ray is our blue-eyed muscleman with arms of steel and a heart of gold.

codo Speaking of steel-arms … Codo is the most experienced renovation helper. He is not only a helping hand for the rough works but also my treehouse-project-consultant. Once he is on a mission no one can stop him! He’s truly experienced and knows a lot about renovations because he did a terrific job at his own apartment-loft renovation last year. (note to myself: have to do a home-tour in Sgt. Codo’s beautiful Loft and show you some amazing before and after pictures here on the blog sometime).

hansiHansi is the new kid on the block in our renovation team. He’s a good friend of my brother and didn’t hesitate when we asked him for a helping hand at our “deconstruction party”. I love his sense of humor. Thank’s Hansi for your elbow grease!




Since I’m a total addict to magazines, i mostly read dutch home and garden magazines, because there was no german magazine equivalent to them.
So I was really pleased to find COUCH magazine.

It’s a german “wohn- & fashion magazin” and its full of things a girl can dream about. Latest trends in: design, interiors, fashion, beauty and it’s also packed with homestories and beautiful photos of amazing homes.
I really enjoy reading it!

So today my liebling is the COUCH magazine!


In their latest issue I found this beautiful table from car-moebel. take a look at it here.

and the cutest little lamp. what a beauty!


fashion improvement

I designed some T-shirts for all the “crew members” (=helping hands who are spending their leisure time and weekends in our treehouse). I’m sure there are going to be a lot more shirts to come… as there are a lot more people I’m going to ask for a little help I’m afraid…

so be prepared all you friends out there and be ready for some weekend actions.


each shirt is designed individually for each of the boys, with their name on it and “a tree for 2 CREW” logo on the sleeve. I’ll snap a photo or two while they are wearing my workwear on one of our next working-weekends, I promise!