cleaning and insulating the top floor ceiling…

…and open the ceiling for our new stairs (to come).
that was what the to-do-list of our attic claimed the other day.
We’ve been prepared with a whole lotta elbow grease and new wooden planks, our plan was:
– removing the old planks
– building a new hole in the ceiling/floor for our stairs.
– cleaning the space between ceiling and floor
– place some insulation material inbetween the wooden beams and
– cover it again with the new planks

As you know I’m pretty optimisitc naive when it comes to my time-appraisals to finish a task like this. I thought it would take only one day to get it all done. what a miscalculation! We’ve finished 1/3rd of the floor per day – so it took us three days in a row to get it all done!
My Dad, Martin and Ray started to remove the planks to have a look at the gaps. What a mess awaited us under the floorplanks.. dust, leaves and other tree-stuff, concrete splits and dust, and aproximately 1trillion broken opened cherry stones (which have been cracked by mice over the last 100 years; have no idea how they managed to get there!?)
The boys supported the ceiling so that they could cut through the timber beams.
Martin cut right through a nail! I think if you want to do that on purpose you’ll fail.. please don’t tell Martins grandpa (it’s his chainsaw with a new chain! I think we will need to buy him a new one because the nail action blunt the chain pretty much!)
We put a new beam in and mounted the other ones on this new one.


And because it’s an old house and you’ll never know what you get it can always get worst:
We discovered that the middle of the first beam was completely rotten.  The wood was like paper,  you could break it between your fingers! We resumed that happend after a water ingress over decades. The rotten spot was exactly on the same place where a window have been (which had most likely a leaking windowsill!).
But I was glad we saw this early enough. My Dad and Martin fixed it with 3 planks which they screwed alongside the beam.


After the gap for the stairs was finished my brother Schorsch (who had a short night) appeared as the relief for Ray (who had to leave earlier that day).
We began with the insulation of the floor/ceiling and got our hands on the beautiful insulation material: W O O L

We purchased it from the austrian company Isolena, who specialized in the production of ecologic and wholesome thermal insulation material. They discovered that sheep wool is just perfect for that job! It got excellent results in insulation values and it’s so much more fun to work with! You don’t need a mask or anything. You don’t even need a knife to cut it – just rip it apart.  It doesn’t itch and it’s extremely cosy! I really enjoyed working with this material! (although it doesn’t look like I enjoyed balancing on the beams (photo below) I really enjoyed working with the wool!)
We covered some more planks and treated ourselves with some delicious Faschingskrapfen. (kind of doughnut filled with apricot jam)
While having our 0’clock beer we put up the ladder with the same pitch our stairs will have and realized that they are going to be one steep stairs! phew!

2 thoughts on “cleaning and insulating the top floor ceiling…

  1. Are you using those boat stairs, whose name escapes me, where you have half a stair on the right, then half a stair on the left? They usually are very steep.

    • Hi Margaret! Thanks for stopping by.
      Yes, we I thought of using those too!
      But Martin doesn’t like them at all. He thinks those are ugly… I, personally, put SAVETY over PRETTY!
      I think we need to discuss this a little more.. let’s see whos opinion will succeed!

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