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One rainy afternoon a few weeks ago. Anja, miss ladybird and I met in the treehouse basement to get our hands on some DIY concrete stools we saw in a back issue of  COUCH magazine.
We thought we’d give it a try and we have been amazed by the result… we are planning on making a few more so I’ll give you a proper how-to-diy-recepie but for now see the pictures of our day as masters of dirt and concrete…
we collected some different moldings and oiled them before we began to make the concrete.
miss ladybird and I are taking safety very seriously!
Always wear at least safety glasses if you are working… this concrete and cement stuff can hurt your eyes badly!
We filled the mouldings and placed the legs. You have to wait for at least 24 hours (depends on the thickness) until the concrete is dry! We also tried ourselfs on some concrete candle holders (made of plastic water and milk bottles)… what do you think!?

8 thoughts on “concrete stools DIY

  1. Girl power! Very clever. I look forward to the “how to” for the stools. Candle holders, not so much! How about some concrete pots for plants too? I’m thinking about doing that one day.

    • Yes, we need to do some bug-fixing until we can release an acceptable how-to post! 🙂 the planter is a great idea! we will try that the next time!

    • Hey, yes… just the shipping costs will be extreme! 😉 but we need to figure out how to make them without cracks! (got a really good advice from Alfons in one of the comments!) we going to try this the next time!

  2. The candles look fantastic! Great idea.
    Next time use some kind of core grid (Armierung) inside your stool and they are going to be much stronger and more durable. I bet you are going to see some cracking after a while otherwise.

    • Hi, Thanks for the expert tip! That’s great! We’ll try it with Armierung the next time! … and I bet we need some more tryouts until we can release a proper HOW-TO! 🙂

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