As I mentioned sometime before we had a pretty bad start with our sewer.
A few days ago we invited the crew to get this burden out of our heads and hearts  – because ignoring your site-problems is never an option! They are still there – laughing at you everytime you are at the site. So the only way to get rid of  them is to to hitch up your knickers, call some friends and get it done!
And that’s what we did!

Martin, Ray and Hansi filled the huge holes (or ditch) in our garden with sand and soil. after we layed our water and gaspipe in there.
While Karl and Schorsch began with the preparation of the holes we need for the core drilling (trough the house- and extensionfoundation for our sewer pipe).
Karl is one of our dare-devil-crew-members. He instantly began to cut trough the concrete and was covered in dust and noise!
Schorsch heeded my advice and used some earplugs.
Ray also cut trough the concrete floor of the extension and was covered in dust after he appeared again out of the foggy air…
The boys worked their way through layers of concrete, gravel, soil, dust and roots (of course we find roots of the big old tree everywhere!).loch09
After Hansi and Karl left in the early afternoon, Codo and Schurly showed up as relief.
As soon as we’ve finished all the big and small things on our to-do list for this day – we enjoyed a cold drink on our “balcony” (while Martin was straightening the garden with his tractor)

I’m so relieved that we managed to close some holes(garden) and make new ones (extension and basement) and got one step closer to a working sewer!
While being in the middle of such a huge renovation you learn to appreciate the small things in life … like a working sewer!

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