empty house

We worked so hard the last week… had several night shifts scheduled to be ready for the floor fill we are waiting to get. First there will be a levelling layer for bringing all the different heights to one level and it also works as a thermal insulation layer. On top of that we are going to lay our floor heating system (I’m curious if we can manage to do this on our own… we will see in a few days! .. hahaha. always sticking to my naive construction-world-view!)
First we needed to cover all the wooden walls (at least on the floor to prevent the fill floor taking over in the wooden construction).
As well as we needed to make the basic electicity works: installing all the cable-pipes where they should lead to and pulling the cables through those channels. (I worked hard with my cousin Robert on the weekend! Thank you Robert for beeing extra patient with me as I’m not a electrician and for your great work!)… although this (photo below) looks much more like a fancy art object than a (almost) working electicity supply!
The wooden box is where our shower will be (installed so that the fill floor doesn’t go underneath the shower).

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