energy efficient renovation actions – part I

We are currently working on energy efficient winter-updates for our house. (although the weather is rather mild at the moment, but you never know! maybe winter sets in just a little late…)

We started small at the basement:
Part one was to thermally insulate all the pipes of our underfloor heating. We covered the two main pipes running along the ceiling of the basement with (fancy looking) highly efficient heat-pipe insulation. (made of Rockwool)
Yes, I know we still have the christmas lights up and the big holes in the wall covered with beautiful photos… but it just looks better that way!

Gustav was our special guest on the site that day. He was all eyes  and ears what we’re doing with this silver pipes.
But he was also a little unsure what to think and barked at them everytime we put them somewhere (all pitbull owners will agree – they are a truly vicious and fight silver-insulating-pipes till death!)
Attaching those pipes was really easy (except for the corners). Just measure, cut and stick together. As simple as that!
After we finished the insulation work we ran out of material, we went upstairs and finished a few of the wooden dry walls in our extension. I  was in charge of the insulation material and Martin mounted the planks. I worked with a mask because I can’t stand the insulation material (mineral rock wool) without any protection… brrrrrr.
(working for hours with that stuff really starts to irritate your airways – so be save!).
Again we ran out of material – so we wrote a long shopping list and called it a day!

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