floor heating – part 1

A few days ago we started with the installation of our floor heating system. It’s going to be a under-floor heating system, where warm water flows through tubes under the screed and heats up the floor.
As simple as that.
We started in the early morning with our very special site-guest Gustav.
Martin and I had to insert a night shift the evening before. We’ve already unroled a polythene seperating membrane on the insulating levelling floor.
On this insulating fill floor (the grey stuff in the photo above), which is basically just shredded polystyrene recycle with some compound cement (this was also applied from our screed-contractor) we layed the green seperating membrane and sealed it with duct tape (=night shift work we did already).
After that we installed the foam strip which will separate the wall from the screed. This must be done pretty meticulously (a job for Martin Monk!), you don’t want any leakage with this step because the screed will find it’s way in your fill floor!
Codo and Schorsch where already there to give us a hand with that.
After that a second layer of insulating styrofoam-boards was installed. It got a grid printed on so you can lay your heating tubes easily within the same distance. Just make sure the grid-pattern continues more or less from board to board.
Again. Seal it meticulously!

To recap:
here is a rough draft of our floor structure with all the different layers:


Before we started with the real fun my friend Kari droped by and supported us with two additional helping hands and some cold drinks and homemade Tiramisu (the best you’ve ever tasted!).
mmmmmh! Thank you Kari! ♥
more to come in the next post. stay tuned.

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