floor heating – part 2

After lunch we thought it was about time to install the tubes.
Our plumber supplied us with all the materials and he also left a little helpful machine with us .. It works like a big stapler and you can easily avoid blisters from pinning the clips by hand into the styrofoam. (we needed almost 1100 clips for 450 meters of tube… that would have been a lot of nasty blisters on our fingers!)
We started at our “water-distributor-box”. That’s where the warm water (red cap) flows into the tube and returns back (blue cap) into the circular flow. It heats up again and get back into the next circular…
One circular of your floor heating system consists of one long piece of tube which lays in a big circle on the floor…. more or less. you’ll find some better explainations here.
Martin also demonstrated what you mustn’t do!
Kinks and sharp bends are a NO-GO within your floor heating systems! If that happens you need to cut the tube and leave it so that your plumber can set a joint!
The stapler in action..
It worked best for us as a team of three.
One is “stapler-man” and pins the clips into the boards. one just holds the tube in postion. and one is the spool-guy who holds the tube reel and unwinds it with every twist.
…The forth person can take some stunning pictures of installing a floor heating system! 
My Dad helped us as spool-guy and stapler-man!

For our futre staircase we left some space without tubes – so that we don’t get in trouble with mounting the stairs properly onto the floor.

Please note: we just layed the tubes. All the important installation work of setting joints and putting together the different circular flows was done by our plumber!

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  1. Hey Katharina! We just wanted to let you know that we nominated you for a little blog award called the Liebster Award! Eric and I have been checking out your blog and are really enjoying it. If you haven’t heard of it, its just a little something for one blogger to give another – find out more at http://www.addsomecharacter.com/liebster-award/.

    By the way, that floor looks crazy complicated but I’m going to be jealous of your warm feet!

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