getting rid of our plastered facade – part II

A new day on site means a new day for air hammers, dust, noise and some hard work. Usually we tend to be weekend-renovators, and try to avoid the dust and noise during the week but sometimes when deadlines are near we need to do a few after-work-weekday-hours on the site.
In this case we’ve been lucky and worked on a beautiful spring afternoon. (last time we had to quit because of an act of nature)
I think I might need a good hand balm…
I worked without gloves which was a pretty bad idea… hands get so dry and ghosty from all the dust and plaster.
Schorsch and Ray helped me with the heavy duty tools… in 3 hours we had it all done: the treehouse stripped naked to its bricks…
All the plaster was covering the soil around the house so the next weekend we worked with some crew members to clear the areas under the scaffold and make sure the facade constructors can start right at the bottom of the house.
Toby draw the short straw by knocking off the rest of the facade on our little earth wine cellar (small building in front of the house). He wasn’t complaining… thanks Toby!
After clearing everything around the house the boys relocated my wooden “dancefloor” (the old kitchen floor I preserved when we ripped it out last year; I’m thinking of reuse it as a siding inside the house, maybe to cover the staircase and get some extra storage!?… Martin is not really convinced of this idea yet)
The boys totally liked the idea of a dancefloor in the garden and started to dance for me right away! fassade02_012

Martin discovered his love for bricklaying. (we had to refill the broken edge of the house) While Martin was busy on the scaffold Miss Ladybird, Toby and I enjoyed the “garden” with a o’clock beer.

6 thoughts on “getting rid of our plastered facade – part II

    • So true!
      And if their career as renovation-experts won’t work out… they can always be professional dancers! (although, for the final “Riverdance” auditions we need to practice a little more…)

  1. j’adore… dirty, sweaty boys 🙂 – und Menschen, die versuchen ihre Träume zu leben! Weiter so et bon courage!
    Was ein hübscher Fingerzeig von Nina!

    • Merci Micha! Vielen Dank für deine Unterstützung und die lieben Worte! Würde mich freuen, wenn du unseren Weg begleitest! À tout à l’heure! K&M

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