liebster award

photo by Anja

Hey all you true followers of a tree for 2 I’ve some great news for you:

I’ve been nominated by the sweet miss scarlett from hello scarlett for the liebster award! (you canadians rock! I can’t repeat it often enough!)

The liebster award is not a gold medal for Martin because he is my Liebster (= beloved, honey, darling in german). Although he would totally deserve it! (thank you Liebster for not predending to go and get some mortar or sand and never return to the site again! You truly got the two biggest helping hands, a heart of gold and the most positive attitute in the universe! ♥)

Anyway, the award is for new and upcoming bloggers who happend to invest a lot of time, love and creative heartblood into their blogs.

and that’s how it works:
– Answer the questions that the tagger (aka scarlett) set for you plus create 10 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
– Choose 10 people and link them in your post.
– Go to their page and tell them

So here we go with the scarletts questions:

1. how did you choose the name of your blog?
I’m really bad with finding the right words or some cool names (people how read this blog or know me in person know this… I’m more the person who talks with my hands and feet, am I right Anja!?). But the name a tree for 2 popped right into my head when I thought about a proper english translation for the project we are doing with all the house renovation.
The tree was the main aspect of buying the property so it’s part of the deal and because its so tiny and just for us (and Gustave) its: a tree for 2 (and Gustave)

2. what is your most written about topic?
our house renovation and what goes with such a huge project if you have not much of a no clue about doing something like this! and every once in a while a little interior inspiration.

3. if you could meet anyone (dead or alive), who would it be?
Besides famous people (go and have a cold beer with the young Kurt Cobain) and beloved ones who I miss a lot (my grandparents) I think I’d love to have coffee with the former owners of the treehouse, I have a million questions about the history of this special house (and tree) and I’d love to get a original garden layout of them (all my neighbours tell me that the garden in the 50ies and early 60is was stunning!)

4. who is your favorite author?
I love the books of Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Thomas Glavinic (austrian Author)

5. what is your most cherished memory?
I know it sounds tacky but I can’t pick just one.

6. what is the most embarrassing event in your life?
puh, I think I’ll pass this one… I really can’t think of one .. (or maybe I just blocked it out?!)

7. if you could shift into any animal whenever you wanted to, what would it be? (true blood fans, now is your chance!)
I guess I’d go for Gustave (our pitpull pup) I think he got a great life (sleeping at least 16 hours a day!) and he got some pretty good “parents” who cuddle and play with him most of the remaining 8 hours!

8. what is your favorite item that you own?
I think It would be all my beloved cameras. They give me the chance to capture beautiful moments, light, places and people; to save them for the rainy days in life.

9. if you could ask someone you know a question that you’ve been holding back, what would that question be?
what’s for dinner?

10. do you believe in love at first site?
yes. definitely!

I’ll present my nominees (and the questions I got for them) in the upcoming week.
So long… Thanks Scarlett for the nomination! send you a big kiss from the other side of the world.

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