Lucia’s elderflower vinegar


I’m not really the girl with super-über-kitchen-cooking-skills… but I love food and I’m addicted to salad.
Last xmas my good friend Lucia gave me a bottle of home-made elderflower vinegar.
Martin and I loved it it right away! It makes every salad very special and summerly.


So here we go with Lucias recipe for the elderflower-flavored vinegar:

collect elderflowers (I suggest 10-20 umbels per liter vinegar)
(they should be in full bloom and shouldn’t leave their blossoms when you shake them; what we want are the ones which are rich in pollen. so if you smell them and your nose is covered with yellow powder: Perfect! these are the ones we are looking for… go for it!)

put them in a big jar (I used a glass one, cause I didn’t liked the idea of having all the plastic and rubber ingredients washed out by and into the vinegar from the plastic container)

and cover it with vinegar (I used 2 liters of white balsamic vinegar)

leave it in a dark, cool place for one week


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