more sample painting

Ok, I guess my new hobby are sample paints…
I ordered 3 paint-plaster-samples for our facade a few weeks ago because we had a hard time deciding on the color of the house from a 2 by 4 cm “big” color snippet from the color scheme. We couldn’t go for the really dark colors we initially wanted, because there’s a much likely chance of cracks from jumpy differences between the warm/cold on the facade. (it’s just a problem with those insulated facades) But we also didn’t wanted to have a muddy plinth on our new white house… so we thought about adding some darker color to the base. Pretty fast we decided to go with a blue base.

The great thing about the samples was that they already had the real structure of the finished wall so you could easily imagine how it could look on your house.

We decided to go with sample version no. 2!
I like the classic greenblueish touch of it.
And let me just tell you: Yesterday I saw it on our facade for the first time and it looked amazing! I love it! In the sunshine it looks a bit more blue almost like version no.1 but in the shadow it develops a more sophisticated darker look.
Show you the pictures of the finished exterior next week. Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “more sample painting

  1. Ein Wahnsinn, da geht ja was weiter… Muss bald mal vorbei kommen (eh klar, mit Spritzer und Bier im Gepäck) und euch besuchen. Schaut super aus!! Blau in der Fassade is ja sowieso mein Favourit ;o)

    • Hello, Ja auf jeden Fall, bald steht noch ein anstrengender Betonier-tag an, da würd so ein kühles Getränk nicht schaden! Ich halt dich auf dem Laufenden, damit du die Kühlbox bereithalten kannst! 😉 Danke!
      und JA! beim blau hab ich gleich an dich denken müssen! musst unbedingt bald in live begutachten!

  2. Wow your house and you are doing such great work on it. I love the colour combination you picked. Myself and my husband built a new home in the countryside over 2 years ago. I will be following your blog now to keep up to date with your progress, can’t wait to see it all finished. Keep up the good work 🙂

    All things nice…

    • Hi Ashling, thank you so much for your feedback! Your house looks amazing! (can’t belive it’s a new house! it has so much charme and character! looks precious!) by the way… I love your mission statement on your blog.. that’s truly inspiring! keep in touch, katharina

  3. Ooh I love a good sample pot of paint. I’m an interior design student just taking on my first projects and ordering samples in my new hobby! I also love no. 2. It’s what I chose before I read what you had chosen!

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