new crew member – welcome LINDA


Please welcome our new family member.

When we started the renovation I would never ever thought that we are going move in the treehouse as a family of three (or four with Gustav).
But here we are…
I also thought that being a mum is probably a pretty good thing… but let me tell you IT IS AMAZING! Like really, really, really the best thing ever happend to us! (I know that sounds so tacky but it really is!) and (so far) it’s less work (and even more fun) than renovating an old house from scratch!
I can highly recommend it!
So here she is: our little miss treehouse. Linda.
(I love the picture on the right.. its our first familyportrait.. a few hours after Linda was born )
I hope to keep up with blog posts because there are so many cool things happening in the treehouse right now (we are going to move in within the next month…) and around our little family that I’d love to share with you. so please stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “new crew member – welcome LINDA

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! Congratulations! Welcome Linda! She is a beauty! You guys look like very happy parents 🙂 I have always loved the name Linda because one of my mother’s best friends is called Linda and she is such a kind and lovely person, so to me it always makes me think of kind, wonderful people. So happy to read how well she is settling into your lives and that having a baby is less work (and more fun!) than renovating a house 🙂 Our Baby Nerd is due in 12 weeks! xx

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