new heavenly stairway

Ahoy, everyone.
I share a quick review of our new exterior. Show you the “how-we-did-it /whole-story” pictures in the next post.
until then here’s the short version:

what do you think?
I really like the raw look of it and i think it looks amazing with all the wood… but maybe its just me sitting on my pink cloud of love-my-stairs-rapture! (it makes so much more fun to climb up the stairs instead of the ladder)

4 thoughts on “new heavenly stairway

  1. I love almost everything you guys are doing with your beautiful house, but having the stairs right across this window looks very strange to me. It might be easier on my eyes when everything is done.

  2. I also like the “rawness” and think it complements the greys elsewhere. A slide beside the steps (for descent) wouldn’t look out of place at tree for 2. Any chance?

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