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I think it was my personal christmas… coming to the site after a hard day at work and see these beautiful skylight windows already installed!
We chose wooden windows (outside surface is aluminium). They are made by VELUX and called Cabrio (wich means convertible in German) because you can convert them into a tiny balcony within seconds! And they are huge (almost 3m height) but worth every penny it’s such a tremendous change with all the light filling the room – compared to the big but dark attic it was before!
The attic still looks pretty rough but with all the light you can imagine a really beautiful room waiting under the surface of all this chaos!

8 thoughts on “new windows

  1. Hi Katharina – very nice windows and an amazing view!
    I’m also renovating an old house – and as my new windows are being installed right in this moment, you´re gonna see those on my blog tonight.
    From friday on we’ll be following the same e-course (that’s where I found you) – looking forward to see you there!
    Kind regards from

    • Hi!
      Yes! saw your house! Amazing! beautiful old Fachwerk! love it and looking forward to see more of it on your blog!
      See you “in the class”!
      all the best, Katharina

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  3. Unglaublich cool! Genau von solchen Fenstern träume ich auch in unserem ausgebauten Dachstock (Zukunftsmusik : )) Siehe meine Antwort im Forum von BYW. Hab einen schönen Wintertag! ♡

    • Hey Ronja, Danke für deine liebe Nachricht! Ich sags dir diese Fenster sind wirklich jeden Cent wert! Bringen soviel mehr Licht, Sonne und Freude! 🙂
      Alles Liebe, Katharina ♡

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