off the wall

Last weekend we tried ourselfs on brick laying. As we are all newbies to this field (I think I watched a million video tutorials the week before) we decided to go with ACC blocks (Ytong) instead of normal red-bricks; as Ytong is easier to work with (you can cut it by hand using a special saw, and we “glued” it together with tile adhesive). But as I mentioned before I TOTALLY underestimated the time it takes to built the walls! (I thought its more like playing with Lego… yes, I know sometimes I tend think a little too positive naive!)
We started with the expertise of captain Codo who gave us a litte crash-course in “how to built a ACC wall”.

It was a little tricky, because we built two walls and wanted to mesh these two together. I think the hardest part was to measure everything carefully and make some final decisions about where to go with doors and walls and stuff like this.
Anja was superfast – one can tell that her grandpa was a bricklayer she really got it in her DNA. 
The professor helped us and one more time he was such a trooper! After midday he was in charge and our teamleader and I think he liked it because he did a awesome job! Thanks Jantschy!
Martin measuring and cutting the blocks…
…and always bringing in some new blocks.
some more photos still to come…

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