our bathroom vanity

As I mentioned a few month ago. We saved a beautiful marble and iron vanity from the basement to make it shine in new splendor.
This is where we found it: under a lot of timber and stuff buried in the basement.
(the photo above is from 2007; where I took some quick photos while the real estate guy showed us the house. and: yes, my dad is was mister mustache!)
We put it in a different spot where it waited for several years to get a little love. And this summer we found the time to finish it. (actually my mum did it because I was to preggo-sick to do it)
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We disassembled the vanity and brought the big marble panel to a stonemason who cut two holes into the marble surface (one for the faucet and one for the plug hole). We spent about 50 euros for the mason and maybe 20 for the paint and another 30 bucks for some special rust and stain remover. All together it was a pretty good deal for restoring the whole table.
Because of those clever investments we spoiled ourselves with choosing some supernice looking, high end, (rather pricy) fittings instead of going with the cheaper hardware-store-stuff.
We chose Ideal Standard (shower) and hansgrohe (vanity) and I’m happy with both choices (although I couldn’t test the shower so far…).
Looks like the bathroom will be the first finished room in the treehouse.
In the treehouse basement we found another secret treasure… which I’ll explain to you in one of my next detailed posts… you would never guess what’s in the shabby old cupboard…
and I can’t wait to share it with you!

7 thoughts on “our bathroom vanity

  1. Ahhhhhh I LOVE it! You did such a beautiful job restoring it – it works perfectly in the space. The marble pieces came up beautifully. I recently bought a 100-year-old marble-topped table from a vintage store – I love it but it has some stain marks that I have mostly been able to clean off with bicarb soda, but some are still there. I shall have to get some special rust and stain remover! Can’t wait to see the finished bathroom!

  2. Es ist nach wie vor unbegreiflich für mich, wie du aus Schas mit Quastln (for our foreign readers: fart with tassel = refuse) so was Tolles zaubern kannst.
    Bin scho voll gespannt, aus welchem Nix aus dem Kastl du den nächsten Schatz zauberst!

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