our cherry tree/shrub

Some exiting news:
I had a groundbreaking funny little idea regarding the layout of our sundeck…

When we first started this renovation I thought: yeah, let’s do this… it’s probably done by christmas. and we are living happily ever after…
Well, it wasn’t. Like so many other things covering your way down the renovation lane THINGS DO TAKE TIME! (sometimes almost everytime longer than you have ever expected) Because some constructors are a little less reliable when it comes to deadlines than others and that’s why the others can’t start in time and there are delays all over the place. story of a/our renovation.

This also happend with the constructor of the extension and the roof which happend to be slightly delayed so the constructors weren’t able to start with the balcony. (because before the balcony there has to be a facade which could not take place because we were really delayed and winter set in…) anyways. I won’t complain, because sometimes delays can result in brainwaves. The longer you think about something the more ideas you’ll have. (or at least that’s just me and my cant-decide-for-one-thing mindset)

And it occurred to me: what about planting a (pretty high) tree in front of the house (garden side; there’s already a pretty big one on the street side!) and make this tree part of the balcony!?
Martin thought that’s a pretty cool idea too, so we searched for a tree that’s already high enough to have its crown on our balcony… like a shrub on the balcony but with the trunk underneath it… do you know what I mean? Here’s a rough sketch:kirsche01
white: balcony; green: our new tree!
We decided to go for a cherry tree. For some reasons:
– Cherry blossoms are such beauties!
– Martin loves cherries.
– (Hopefully) we won’t have a wasp problem (as they are not attracted by cherries).
– You can make pie! (if I only learn how to bake until then; or my two baking-queens Lucy & Uli have to do the job for me? What do you think, Ladies?)

We searched a few tree farms but most people want their cherries close to the ground.. for obvious reasons. But we found a gardener who took us to his fields and searched for the right tree. And I think we found the one that’s just perfect for us: almost 4m high and the crown will grow egg-shaped! (so plenty of space left and still the chance to have a rocking chair next to it!)
Luckily my dad has some super-nice vehicles which come in handy in case you plan to transport, carry and plant a tree that big.
Right after Martin had the first spade of earth moved. My brother Schorsch showed up with his girlfriend and my gogo-gadget-cousin Robert. The boys helped us planting the tree.
We cut away the wire mesh and the boys had a hard time holding all the heavy soil and roots. But they released it just in time!
What do you think? Huge, right!?
Let me tell you I can’t wait to have the facade done (or at least get the company start on it), because then it’s just a matter of time to get rid of the scaffold and to start with our deck! exiting times to come!

11 thoughts on “our cherry tree/shrub

  1. Wow that is TALL! And such a good idea! I love cherry trees and would love to have one but they don’t grow very well in Perth, not enough frost in the winter. Otherwise I would have one in a jiffy!

    • Thank you Maya, hope it will grow well and survive the replant… I have not the greenest thumb to be honest. so keep my fingers crossed!

    • Danke Katja! Ich hoffe er wird sich gut entwickeln… aber der Gartenprofi meinte, dass Kirschen relativ anspruchslos sind. Der Einsteiger-Obstbaum sozusagen! Ich bin gespannt!

    • Liebe Micha, Liebe Katja,
      Vielen Dank für eure lieben Kommentare!
      Es ist leider keine Herzkirsche! :/ Wir waren ja etwas eingeschränkt durch die Vorgabe, dass der Stamm mind. 3,5m hoch sein muß und dann erst die Krone beginnt, dadurch haben wir uns für die Säulenkirsche “Sylvia” entschieden/entscheiden müssen. (auch eine relativ dunkle Kirsche…) Ich lass mich jetzt einfach mal überraschen wie sie so schmeckt!

  2. Kiiiiiirschen, ich freu mich.
    Als all-time-cherry-picker im Hause Rexi bin ich ja eh schon geübt.
    Da fällt mir ein, ich hab noch für 1x Kuchen Rexi-Kirschen im Gerfrierschrank. Nehm ich mir gleich fürs WE vor.

    • Hahaha! ich hab gleich gedacht, dass dir die Kirschenidee gefallen wird! Hoff sie schmecken dir so gut, wie die anderen! und ich hoff, wir können bald mal eine kostprobe geniessen!.. Schön, dass du wieder da bist! bis bald! Bussi

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