our new building facade

I need to share some amazing photos with you from our beautiful new facade!
(I’m so glad that almost all of you would have chosen the same color combination! we are making a good team!)

I LOOOOOOVE the blueish-green-gray and I’m so happy how it turned out! Also the white in combination with the wooden windows, the gray roof and the green tree! It looks soooo different: clean, fresh and new!
Martin loves the new exterior too and I’m so happy to see that he got a second wind from our tiny, proper looking house for the final renovation showdown to come! (right, Honey!?)

Love how the tree gets greener and greener over the last 3 weeks!

Right now, some professionals are working on the wine cellar entry, which was in pretty bad condition.
We left this task to the professionals because it’s a delicate affair dealing with a rotten lintel and a lot of bricks fell down while removing it… sometimes you need to know when it’s time to step aside and leave it to the specialists!

As they removed the old door we discovered a date stamped in the metal handle of the door, which said 1818!
Wow, can you believe it this cellar is almost 200 years old!


6 thoughts on “our new building facade

  1. It is looking beautiful!! I love the colour combination you chose. It makes me smile 🙂 And that cellar door is so awesome. 1818!! If you had a building built in 1818 here in Australia, it would be amongst the oldest buildings in the country! Also the fact that you have a cellar is super-exciting. They are not too common here. I am jealous!! 🙂

    • Yes I know! Also for Austria 1818 is pretty old! I’m exited too!
      The wine cellar is really deep. I hope we can get some electricity down there sometime soon to have a look at the tube and the bricks! Looking forward to do that (kind of an Indiana Jones feeling)!

  2. LOVE the update! I can’t believe how much different the house looks already, the colors really are perfect! And I agree with Maya, so jealous of that amazing cellar. Oh, and I’m also loving those stools. Just lots of love all around.

    • Hi Jamie, so good to hear from you again! Also for me it feels so unreal to stand there and finally see it all coming together! Thanks for all the ♥ and support!

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