Paint Party

Last weekend I’ve invited some of my dearest girlfriends over and we had a little painting party. Nothing fancy just a casual get together, eating delicious sweets and by the way painting the treehouse interior walls.
Thank you Ladies for spending mothers day with(out our mums but with) me instead at the treehouse.
First of all we prepared everything: we (Uli, miss ladybird and I) taped the windowframes with masking tape (I can highly recommend the pink, blue or yellow tape from Tesa) while Martin and Kari clean brushed the ceiling (Do you remember this!? and there was STILL a lot of dirt left between the planks..) It was a mess but the two worked their way through this unrewarding task!
Miss ladybird showed fullest physical play masking the frames!
And because we ran out of ladders she built herself a little ACC block step.
I was exited to see the first drops of color and to finally try it not just with sample paints.
We went for strong white (No. 2001) from Farrow&Ball – the estate emulsion.
You could see right after the first few brush strokes that the paint was perfect!
The result was amazing: the walls have such a soft and almost velvet look and feel. (I’ll post some proper after photos next week as soon as I got the chance to see/photograph everything in daylight). Farrow & Ball paints are pricy but in my opinion they are totally worth it! I ordered two 5 liter buckets but we needed just 1,5 buckets (approx. 7l!). We didn’t even use primer first so that’s an amazing high coverage result!
After we painted the whole house in strong white miss ladybird and I painted one last wall in the bathroom chappel green.
It was almost dark outside and it looked pretty intense … I guess I have to see the result of it at normal daylight to get an idea if it’s too dark or if it’s just fine.
But I like the tint of chappell green a lot because it will look green or blue depending on the colors you combine it with…


By the way…
I wanted to thank Uta for her beautiful post about our treewindow!
Danke meine Liebe! Take a look at her blog she’s a crafty lady and does amazing things!



8 thoughts on “Paint Party

    • Hi Katja, Ja unglaublich, oder?! Ich kann es selbst nicht glauben: Ausmalen ist definitiv ein Meilenstein auf unserem Renovierungsweg!
      Ich hab’ das Grün heute bei guten Lichtverhältnissen (und komplett getrocknet) nochmal gesehen und bin auch der Meinung dass es bleiben wird! 🙂
      Danke für deine Nachricht, Alles Liebe, Katharina

  1. It’s looking so good! I fell in love with their colors a little too late and discovered them after we had painted our entire house! I’m gonna live through you :p

    • OHHH, you’re welcome! 😉
      I must admit I’m soooo glad the treehouse is acutally pretty small (and has a lot of huge windows) so that the actual wall-surface to paint is pretty small… otherwise I could not afford it!

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