paint scratches – part 1


Here’s a short summary of the paint scratching weekend….
We had several things on our to-do-list for this day:

– scratching off all the old paint from our walls (to prepare them for the next step: render and grout)
– removing all the nails off the ceiling
– removing what was left of the old interior walls
– building 2 wooden walls in our extension

Jantschy and Martin instantly built a team for the wooden walls. The professor felt like a duck in the water… and had immediately a plan ready which he’d explained to Martin before they started.
While Branson and I began with the work in the other part of the house. Branson was such a trooper he got up that ladder and removed all 123.434.223  countless nails from the ceiling. (Once they’ve been placed to keep the reed in position which in turn was installed to keep the plaster up the ceiling.) Anyway it was an impostion but he did so well! Thank you Branson for doing that sh*** work!
He also brought along some good music (as you know mister Branson got some excellent taste in music and is our personal site-DJ!) With his music mix the work was easily done and we worked pretty fast…
that was the view I had most of the time… boys on ladders… trousers, belly buttons, shoes and bums….
And that’s what I looked like … scratching off the paint is some dusty work! I was completely covered in paint-dust (except where I wore gloves – like in the picture above). And because that is a pretty bad job I got on the save side and put on some stylish goggles… Branson did so too…
and just for the record: NO, I did not scuba dive that afternoon… and NO, mister Branson did not go to a fancy-90ies-Berlin-inspired-Rave-Party that afternoon. We’ve just been on the savety trip!

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