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hola! sorry for the silence on a tree for 2 the last few days. NO, we didn’t stayed in Spain (although it was tempting! Barcelona is such a beautiful city and we met some super sweet people there!) we returned and one of the biggest challenges facing us the following weekend we arrived:

How to install a proper working sewer(pipe)
without going nuts or risk your relationship!

I tell you renovation is not all sunshine and rainbows!
The day started pretty good – it was a calm and sunny morning – but not for too long..
The big excavator pulled out an old waterpipe and suddenly there was water everywhere… so we needed to call the council workers. They stopped the flooding by cuting down the water supply for the whole street (guess what, my neighbours love me… a morning shower is overestimated anyway! right?)
Luckly the guys were pretty fast and so they had it leakproof in less than an hour. (before and after picture below)


After the waterproblem was solved and the excavator was on his way home – we placed our spanish-sun-taned-holiday-feet back in the trench and tried to install a 40m long sewer pipe for all the wastewater to come in the treehouse. (I think if anyone came that day and offered me to do the job; I would have payed him or her all the money I own (but I don’t think anyone would have gone for it for a lousy 300 bucks!))
Anyway, when dusk set in we still had some 20 meters left and we decided to quit because it didn’t made sense: For a good working sewer you need some effective head – at least 1cm per meter; after the first few meters we where just 20 cm underneath groundlevel which is too shallow for a pipe in our climate here in Austria.

O boy, so the next day I researched the internet and discovered some companies who can taphole through our brick and concrete foundation. and that’s what we going to do!
I guess it’s like that:

If “plan A” didn’t work.
The alphabet has 25 more letters!
stay cool.

footnote: sorry for the bad quality of photos. I didn’t bring my SLR that day…

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  1. Oh mist ihr armen…

    Da hab ich ja mal Glück gehabt, dass ich nur Beifahrerin war am Samstag und wir nicht stehen geblieben sind als wir gegen 17:30 nur Martins Kopf aus der Grube rausschauen gesehen haben…

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