Hey just a quick hello there. I got this wonderful photo send to me from my go-go-gadget-cousin Robert and his girlfriend Claudia. It feels like the much needed sunbeam from home in the middle of the week.

short explaination here: During the week I’m in Vienna. Living and working here. But at heart I’m a true country-gal. (especially in spring or summer: nothing can stop me from leaving the city every once in a while on some idle tuesday…)

So this little “hello”from the treehouse seems just perfect! thank’s Claudia & Robert!

Claudia looks really exited about the renovation project in this picture!
My Dear, I hope you will stay THAT exited when I invite you over for some garden work, plaster removal, brick wall exposing, wheelbarrow pushing,… but after all there will be a you-did-well-drink at beer o-clock and a chat about nailpolish, like we always do!

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