rough garden work

Last weekend we worked really hard to get rid of plants, soil and grass to reclaim the garden for ourselfs and the upcoming renovation.


After almost a decade of no gardenwork at all we had a hard time to provent all the blackberries* from taking over!
Lucky me: my love M♥ is really skilled dealing with big machines and so we had (most) of the roots and blackberries out in no time.



I was exited to see hundreds of violets, some tulips and other spring beauties taking their way through the harsh garden environment.


we even found some steps and little paths under layers of soil and grass. As soon as the house is in a good state we are going to make our garden dream happen! … to be continued!

*footnote: don’t get me wrong: I love blackberries but I like them in a more neat-kitchen-garden-way.. not in the good old “sleeping-beauty” style.

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