staying fit during the winter

Hello and welcome to 2014!
No worries, I’m not going to turn a tree for 2 into a fitness-blog.
I just wanted to share with you some of the latest things we did until winter finally arrives here in Austria…

Before our constructor was going to to take down the scaffolding we used it to mount some protection foil on our extension.
(our constructor couldn’t finish the wooden cladding due to some weather related delays – the cladding wont be done until spring so we thought it may be necessary to protect the wooden subconstruction during the winter)

Martin and I started and my dad and Schorsch finished it the next day!
Editing these photos of the house it really hit me: what a beautiful and huge tree we got there!
and although the surrounding looks pretty rough and messy – I can SEE it the final picture (at least imaginary in my mind)! long way to get there but we are already half way through!
looking forward to the next months to come. 2014 will be a good one!


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