lights on

I think I mentioned my super gogo-gadet-cousin Robert sometime ago. He’s like an older brother to me and I really, really enjoy spending time with him!
Some days ago we hung out in the treehouse – and together with his two friends Holger and Lucky, Martin and I stud in their way most of the time helped while the boys layed pipes, chiseled and prepared everything for all the electricity cables.


And let me tell you:
Having the electricians over means A LOT of preparations in advance! Questions like: where’s your TV going to be, how many lights do you want to have in the livingroom (and were?), what about the bathroom mirror – is there going to be one above light or one on each side? Things you haven’t thought about because you are standing in a “house” without windows, or floor, or walls, or anything which can let you think of a cosy home!
But Martin and I finally got our act together and had some discussions about where to put what – roughly – after that I drew a HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL electricity plan. hahaha… Robert and Holger stud there with big questionmarks above their heads. But luckily I could explain everything (note to myself: wikipedias electric symbols are sometimes not very road-tested; It would have been faster and easier to just drew a fridge instead of putting the symbol there!)

Thanks guys for helping us with all the tricky questions about our home layout! Looking forward to round 2: preparing the electricity for the new extension! (the attic and the basement…)