birthday girl

A few days ago I turned 33 and I got some pretty awesome things I want to share with you!
First of all a pair of cute 50ies diner chairs from Martins family (they are too cute: his mum is always on the hunt for some mid-century stuff for me! I think that’s the kind of mother-in-law the world needs! right!?). They are in a perfectly mint condition and I love the green and black combination! What do you think?

And I got two of those awesome factory loft windows from my friends together with a most awesome wooden cabinet (not pictured – I’m going to do a full post on it as soon as possible).
We are planning to fill the windows with mirror panes and hang them as a full size mirror and we are thinking of building a slide door for our bathroom with the other one (still not sure about that).
So a few more things to come within the next few weeks.