kitchen backsplash – the prequel

Our dear Instagram followers already know about our plans regarding the kitchen back spalsh (or splashback…!? always confused which one is right!?)… we are trying to built one out of beautiful old windows!
(we won’t have wall units in the kitchen so we can use the whole wall from the counter to the ceiling!)
There’s a(nother) small house which belongs to Martin – but unfortunately it’s in a really bad condition and we have to knock it down. The good news is, that we are going to recycle a lot of the materials from this house in the renovation of the treehouse. This does not only make sense in a ecological way but will also save us some expenses.
The windows where originally installed in some sort of hall/conservatory which you’ll find in a lot of the old houses around here.
I thought it might be really hard to demount them without breaking the window panes or the frame. But it was pretty easy thanks to a very simple construction. They where basically just mounted with small ledges. We removed those and could easily lift them out of the frames (with 3 people and a hammer).
Keep my fingers crossed that they will fit in the treehouse-kitchen! … let’s see.


Next to the house is a beautiful garage, where I found time to pretend driving my favorite tractor! Cute 1950ies beauty in red!




As I mentioned sometime before we had a pretty bad start with our sewer.
A few days ago we invited the crew to get this burden out of our heads and hearts  – because ignoring your site-problems is never an option! They are still there – laughing at you everytime you are at the site. So the only way to get rid of  them is to to hitch up your knickers, call some friends and get it done!
And that’s what we did!

Martin, Ray and Hansi filled the huge holes (or ditch) in our garden with sand and soil. after we layed our water and gaspipe in there.
While Karl and Schorsch began with the preparation of the holes we need for the core drilling (trough the house- and extensionfoundation for our sewer pipe).
Karl is one of our dare-devil-crew-members. He instantly began to cut trough the concrete and was covered in dust and noise!
Schorsch heeded my advice and used some earplugs.
Ray also cut trough the concrete floor of the extension and was covered in dust after he appeared again out of the foggy air…
The boys worked their way through layers of concrete, gravel, soil, dust and roots (of course we find roots of the big old tree everywhere!).loch09
After Hansi and Karl left in the early afternoon, Codo and Schurly showed up as relief.
As soon as we’ve finished all the big and small things on our to-do list for this day – we enjoyed a cold drink on our “balcony” (while Martin was straightening the garden with his tractor)

I’m so relieved that we managed to close some holes(garden) and make new ones (extension and basement) and got one step closer to a working sewer!
While being in the middle of such a huge renovation you learn to appreciate the small things in life … like a working sewer!


meet the crew

Let me introduce to you the beautiful miss ladybird. She was a much needed helping hand when we ripped out the floor a few weeks ago.  (she did a awesome job in ripping out the cement tiles gently but determinately!) She’s a qualified social education worker so she was experienced with managing the crew (sometimes we tend to be a little chaotic). It was such a warm day but she digged like a excavator! Thanks miss ladybird for your time and elbow grease! Looking forward to your next job (or visit) at the site!

Toby is Martins partner in crime when it comes to cars and reparing, comparing or petting them. As these two are a good team we thought we ask him for some help with our renovation project. It was his first time at the treehouse but I think he liked it. He kicked the a** of the concrete floor with the sledge hammer like a madcap. (his nickname is “Tobsucht” which translates as “raven madness”) Thanks Toby for beeing mad at our floors!

Look at Anja. To tell a long story short: She’s my hero!
Anja is from the Austrian Alps (I think that’s where she got her spectacular muscles from! climbing up and down… just kidding, Anja!) she traveled about 800 km for just one EXHAUSTING day(and night) of working at the site and at the end of the day she was still smiling! I love her positive attitue! she’s always singing or laughing and is bricklaying like a pro! The first-ever-accident happend last weekend in the treehouse with Anja: while working at the site she was laughing so hard she’d bend herself and hit her head on a hammer handle! …which made her laugh even harder! what should I tell you… I love that gal!
footnote: Anja is not only a brick-layer but at first place she’s a professional photographer  – show you some photos she did of us in a few days…