keeping it tidy

wow, what a mess! For the last few days (aka an entire week) we worked so hard replacing the attic floor with new planks and cleaning the space between the timber beams of the ceiling to the main floor. The time we’d finished upstairs the main floor looked like a dusty desert, covered completely in dust, plaster, cherry stones, concrete and tree-stuff. A total disaster.
But while my Dad and my brother Schorsch mounted the last few planks upstairs I put some love and elbowgrease in cleaning the main floor and it (slowly) showed off.


footnote: yes, I know! my dad does look like Papa Smurf with his “special way of wearing hats”. but I think its cute. 

This photo is the perfect example why the situation almost brought tears to my eyes!
on the right: the withe ground was the before(we cleaned the top ceiling) and the dusty hell at the left is the after(all the dirt came down)!
but I made a new friend: my dad got this VERY efficient industrial vacuum cleaner and although I absolutely H A T E vacuuming I loved it with this super-machine!
Glad we did that! I have high hopes that this was REALLY the very very very last time we got dirt and dust in the almost raw-finished rooms… and we can leave the dust state behind.
for good.