All of you dear readers (and helpers) know that we are more or less a DIY-team. Whenever we can we trust our hands and skills or (f.ex when it comes to building walls) we tend to have a pretty naive approach and think we can make it by our own. (most of the time it works!)
But for some crafts we need a little more professional help. Things like the roof, the windows or our new wooden extension for example.


The guys from our carpender company are working super fast on our new (tiny) extension.
When Gustave and I had a little site-seeing tour a few days ago we where pretty pleased to see how fast they work. The wooden frame was already built and the roof was connected. Gustave got pretty exited too!

He’s a true lover of the big garden mudpit and runs as fast as he can!  There used to be a little sand pit in the middle of the property… luckily its covered now with soil because as soon as Gustave saw it he tossed and turned himself in the sand like a maniac… for now he just runs like a scalded cat.
Gustave is pretty bad in climbing up the ladder so he had to wait for me “downstairs”.

It looks so different. I really got jused to the tree standing somehow lonely in front of the house. With the new extension it looks more like the tree is again a part of the house. (Although we will – of course – keep the roof and everything away from the old lady).

UPDATE: sorry guys, I’m NOT a native speaker…
today it dawned on me (while writing another post..) that I misspelled extension! aaaah, hate that! But I hope you got the point and know what I’m talking about!? … Luckily I have a lot of photos in my blogposts so the pictures tell the story even if you don’t understand what I’m talking about!