getting things done in the attic

Well its about time to cover our fancy “disco” floor(heating) with a decent floor. After building the nursery wall and covering our small storage room with beautiful salvaged wooden planks everything was ready for laying the floor.
We chose a vinyl floor with an natural oak look. (we had to go with vinyl or laminate because of the light weight heating system – wooden floors are unfortunately too risky to lay directly on this system due to temperature variations).
My whole family helped us Martin (I’m on maternity-construction-site-leave) laying the floor. They started with the nursery and worked superfast, the first few planks were pretty tricky but after a few rows it went really good (at least it looked like it was easy to do from my point of view).
After our lunch break they started with room #2 (aka our bedroom), while I sat on the new nursery floor trying to choose the colors for the cabinets we are going to built in the nursery. (we are planing to built storage space and a built-in-cupboard with 3 sliding doors.)
I chose farrow and ball paint (although they are pricy their varnish is perfect to work with! Totally worth the money and the colors are gorgeous!).
I picked red earth (looks in real live a little more pink), charlotte’s locks (a beautiful and bold, statement color) and london clay. (a warm brownish grey tint).
I was stunned – what a difference a day makes! What do you think about the floor? 

This post was written in advance – at the moment we are trying to spend as much time with our new family member ♥.


from the floorboards up

A few days ago we ripped out the old floor and digged out the sand underneath. Two new members of the Crew gave us a helping hand: the lovely Mrs. Ladybird (Eva) and Toby.
With these two and the rest of the “winning team” we’ve been really fast!
Take a look:
these are the beautiful surfaces we needed to rip out!
Thanks to Mrs. Ladybird and my dad we could save almost all cement tiles (left), as well as one big piece of wooden floor (middle) and unfortunately the beautiful little 50ies bathroom tiles (right) had to go! It broke my heart!
my Dad and Mrs. Ladybird tried to rescue as many tiles as possible.
I think only 4 or 5 didn’t made it! which is a pretty good average.

we ran out of ladders, so Martin got creative with holding the construction pole while my dad removed the others…

the boys discovered that one can lift the whole floor at once. (I love madame ladybirds surprised face!)
after we had all the floorboards ripped out the hard work started … digging digging digging
Ladies (and gentlemen), if you keep calm and concentrate NOT to much on Rays beautiful blue eyes you can see all the little breads of sweat! YES! it was a hot day and some serious work indeed!
and then the rough work started…
although we had several air hammer tools in da house the boys preferred to go for elbow grease action and the sledgehammer version of the tile and concrete removal.

After we tidied up we sat on our little balcony and enjoyed a cool drink and some of  Uli’s delicious “marillenkuchen” (show you the photos in the next post!)